Commit your life to Jesus Christ

You commit your life to Jesus when you are baptized.

If young people renew their commitment to Jesus Christ, they accept Him into their life in a new way.

Fr Bob

Father Bob Bedard CC, a former high school chaplain, recounted how he witnessed again and again to genuine religious experience.

“The Lord was at work. He was doing what I had never been able to do — change people’s lives.”

At the time of their high school graduation, Father had his students attend Mass in the school chapel. Before the communion, the students would come forward, kneel, and read a commitment prayer together.

What a wonderful way to start a new chapter in their lives.

To renew your commitment to Jesus, you can use the following... or write one in your own words:

-- My Promise to Jesus --

Dear God, I place myself in your presence.

I worship you as Creator and Ruler of heaven and earth. Now I make the commitment that I believe your Son Jesus is calling me to make. Loving Father send your Holy Spirit to help me pray this promise.

Jesus, you died on the Cross to take away my sins and the sins of all the world. I confess my sinfulness and claim the forgiveness that you have gained for me. And I forgive all those who may have hurt me in any way.

Jesus, out of love for each one of us you suffered your sorrowful passion. And you would have done it out of love for me alone. I now accept your unfailing love.

Jesus, I want you to have complete charge of my life. I desire a personal relationship with you as my Lord and my Savior.

Everything that I have and all that I am, I surrender to you this day. Lord, plan and guide my life in whatever way you think best.

Jesus, my faith is weak and I often face temptations. Lord, develop in me a strong faith and the wisdom to call on the Holy Spirit when I am in trouble.

Jesus, with your help I will turn away from sin. I will place a guard over what I watch, what I hear, what I say and what I do in order not to offend you, my loving God.

Jesus, Son of Mary, I will strive to set aside time each day to praise you, to love you, to thank you and to seek your help.

Jesus I trust you completely. May all glory, praise and thanksgiving be given to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever.



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