Are you a follower of Jesus?

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Are you a follower of Jesus?
At baptism you were blessed with holy water, marked with the sign of the Cross and your life was committed to Jesus Christ. Are you still His follower?

Jesus asks, "Will you go away as many have,
or will you follow me?" What is your answer?

This question needs to be asked, since many Christians ignore or deny Jesus. Others are too busy to pray and to go to church. Many more don’t care to follow His commandments.

Jesus asks you as He asked Peter, "Do you love me?"
Can you answer, "Yes Lord, You know I do."

Where do you stand?
Is your answer: Jesus I love you and will follow wherever you lead me.
Or is your answer: Jesus I will not follow you, nor will I serve you.

Focus on what is really important… to follow Jesus. You will gain the friendship and the love of God -- for all eternity!

But there is a cost if you try to follow Jesus
If you are a follower of Christ, you can expect some conflict with our secular society. You may lose friends or even a job if you don’t go along with the crowd.

Why do some Catholics think they can pick and choose which Church teaching to follow? As an example... abortion.

"People don’t leave the Catholic Church because they find it wanting. They leave because they find it difficult." (Bishop Sheen)

If you love Jesus you need to keep His commandments. This is not always easy. Listen to our bishops and to our Holy Father Pope Francis I... they are the present successors of Christ’s apostles and of Saint Peter.

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to tell the truth, to make your voice heard and to be the person you claim to be... a follower of Christ Jesus.

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