Healing prayers


Jesus offers us...
love, acceptance, and healing

When your life needs healing

There are many life situations--marriage break-up, job loss, sickness--that can paralyze us with fear. Our mental and physical health can break under the burden.

Take your problem to Jesus. Ask for the strength and direction you need. Know that Jesus loves you and will help you.

Pray and believe the healing is going to happen. If it is part of God’s plan for us, it will happen.

healing hands

When to ask for a healing

Ask as soon as you need help. Don't wait until you are desperate.

You can bring any problem to Jesus at any time. This includes your minor ones... pains and disappointments... as well as serious sins or sickness.

jesus heals

Praying for healing

"Lord, Hear Our Prayer"

Healing begins with being heard. To rebuild a damaged life, ask Jesus to hear you in prayer.

  • Remember the words of Jesus:
    "Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray."

  • Ask, "Jesus please help me."

  • Tell Jesus your need and ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit. And say the Praises to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • State your need in your own words or use the following:
    "By the Precious Blood of Jesus may (name) be healed of (specify).

    • Repeat these words often

    • Firmly believe that Jesus will answer your prayer

    • Praise and thank Jesus and the Holy Spirit for helping you

    Remove obstacles to healing

    Let go of any feelings that may be obstacles to healing.

    It can help if you go to confession and receive the Eucharist.

    Sadness and deep regret may trouble you... but that is not what Jesus wants. In the Gospels He teaches that healing can be found in helping others.

    Jesus, help my eyes to see
    All the good Thou sendest me.

    Jesus, help my ears to hear
    Calls for help from far and near.

    Jesus, help my feet to go
    In the way that Thou wilt show.

    Jesus, help my hands to do
    All things loving, kind, and true.

    Jesus, may I helpful be,
    Growing every day like Thee.

    Pray for your doctor

    God often works through the healing hands of doctors, so pray for your doctor or any other professional--teacher, counselor, lawyer--who may be trying to help you.

    Pray for the Church

    Pope Benedict's prayer for the Church in 2010

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