Talk to God

A crucifix can help you talk to God


Look at the crucifix. Jesus is nailed to a wooden cross. He is stripped of His clothes. A crown of thorns is pressed into His forehead.

His eyes are closed and His head is bowed. There are streaks of sweat mixed with blood on His face. His arms are outstretched and nails are driven through the middle of His wrists.

There is a gaping red wound in His side from the lance of a Roman soldier. Spikes nail His feet to the wooden cross. What terrible pain Jesus suffered while slowly dying on His Cross!

If possible, hold a small crucifix while reflecting on Christ’s death. Express sorrow for your sins. Tell Jesus that you love Him. Ask Him to send the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide you. 

Is there something you would like to thank Jesus for?

Each day for the next week, talk to Him and thank Him.

Hold a flower


Examine the flower, its shapes and texture and the perfume-like smell. Think of all the beautiful garden flowers that brighten our world. Think of all the beautiful flowers that bloom unseen on forest floors and mountain-tops, and in fields and valleys. Give praise and thanks to God the Creator.

Find a stone

If you have resentment towards another person, hold the stone and kneel in your imagination at the foot of the Cross--or kneel before a crucifix.

Talk to Jesus about your feelings and your struggle to forgive. Let Him speak to your heart.

Imagine yourself placing the stone at the foot of the Cross. You are letting go of your bitterness for the sake of your Crucified Savior. Feel the love flowing back from Him, cleansing and forgiving.

Finally, bury the stone--as a sign that this matter is to be forgotten. 

Hold a picture of your favorite animal

horse head

Thank God for the wonderful animals He has placed in your life. The beauty, strength and intelligence of animals are a reflection of the Beauty and Strength and Intelligence of God.

Thank You God for creating such magnificent animals. How great Thou art!

Lord, help us to respect all your creatures.

Listen to music

Music can be used before and after Quiet Time. The music itself can be a prayer. 

Read The Shorter Liturgy of the Hours

This is a collection of material for Morning Prayer (Office) and Evening Prayer (Office).

Saying set prayers at particular hours each day or night was practiced by the Jews: the prayers are a dialogue in which God speaks to His people (words from scripture) and they reply in songs and prayers. This practice was adopted by Christians.

Morning Prayer is referred to as Matins and Evening Prayer is Evensong.

Reading the Office can help you talk to God. It can deepen your prayer life and sanctify your day.

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