Our prayers are a conversation

Our prayers are a loving conversation with the Lord. When you pray you are never alone. Jesus is with you.

Have periods of silence and give God a chance to speak to you. Don't worry about how well you pray. Your prayers are pleasing to God.

God wants you to come as you are

You don’t have to wait until you are less sinful or have more faith. Our Lord wants you to come just as you are. He loves you and will help you. 

How well do I pray?

In a quiet moment I asked myself, “How well do I pray?” Surprisingly, my honest answer was, “Not very well!”

This answer was unexpected. What was I not doing right? When I looked at how I prayed, the answer became clear.

What makes your prayers powerful in the eyes of Jesus

  1. Make sufficient time to pray. A personal prayer plan is a big help. Stick to it whenever possible.
  2. Be aware that you live and work in the presence of Jesus. Talk to Him; offer your work, words of praise, thanks and love.
  3. When you need to pray for a special intention, pray each day. It is not enough to pray one Our Father when the intention addresses a serious problem.
  4. Have a daily devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and pray the Holy Rosary. These prayers have the power to change your life.
  5. Receive the Holy Eucharist whenever possible. You become a new person in Jesus Christ.
  6. Read a short section of the Bible each day, so you will more deeply know Jesus Christ and His great love for you.

It looks like a long list, but it is much easier than it looks.

When I fail to take time to pray,
I can almost hear Jesus saying,

"Come to Me, pray to Me, spend time with Me.
I love you and want to be your closest friend.
Don't shut Me out of your life.
I want to bless you, if you will let Me.
Won't you take time to pray and be My friend? "

I answer: Jesus, I am very busy right now, but I will get back to You later.

Talk to Jesus at home or at work, in a car, or anywhere else

  • Some people try once every few months.

  • Others pray out of desperation or a crisis in their lives.

  • Some try to pray but are not sure anyone is listening.

It doesn't matter... Jesus said that He answers every prayer.

God did not say that He would always give us what we want. Trust the Lord and He will always answer your prayers in a way that is best for you.

Believe firmly that God will grant your request, unless it is against God's plans for your spiritual good.

Don't let anything stop you from coming to God in Quiet Time. Don’t keep your Father waiting.

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