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Here are links to mp3 music and podcasts

Daily Prayer Online is a popular site by the Irish Jesuits

Come pray the rosary online is a live podcast that lets you pray the rosary at any time

Say the rosary every day

An app that explains the Mass

Cathlinks is an excellent source for discovering leading Catholic sites

US Conference of Catholic Bishops has a gold mine of information ranging from marriage to medical ethics

My Catholic Faith offers sound insight for your daily life

Read the Bible makes it easy for us to read the Bible daily 
Church Fathers lets you discover the Church in the early centuries... a powerful reminder that the Church goes back more than 2000 years

EWTN Global Catholic Network is an excellent source of Catholic news and podcasts

How to pray by a beginning Catholic

Catholic Answers gives straightforward and honest answers for those with questions about the Catholic faith

Once Catholic is an online forum for Catholics returning to the Church

Catholic Insight magazine tells you what is really happening in Canada and how it affects us as Catholics

Read about Bernard Nathanson and listen to Priests for Life

Prayers to Saints for help is a rich collection of prayers

Catholic news stories

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