Meditation and contemplation

Why Meditate?

Meditation and contemplation help you to relax and to reflect. You see people and situations more clearly. You experience a greater self-confidence in handling your problems.

You can more easily handle problems related to your relationships, family, business, school or job. Stress and anxiety is reduced, creating an inner calm.

Meditation helps you to be aware of the presence of Jesus in your life.  

The healing power of meditation

If you take the time to be still you will be led to an inner place, a place within us where God has chosen to dwell. Here we are held safe in the all-loving one, who calls us by name. ( Henri Nouwen)

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Catholic Meditation: 7 Powerful Ways to Pray is available here

Meditation is a prayer

Meditation is an easy way to pray. Sit or kneel quietly. Let the thoughts from your mind and the feelings from your heart speak to God.

Some people find it helpful to use the Bible or other source to awaken these thoughts and feelings.

Don't worry about what to say. Let God direct your thoughts.

Your focus is now on being in God’s presence and trusting Him to guide you.

The Holy Spirit will lead you to see things more clearly and find the solutions you seek.

End with words of praise, love and thanks.

Meditation using the “Our Father”

Meditation and contemplation on different sections of the “Our Father” prayer, especially the word “Father,” helps strengthen your faith in God’s daily care for you.

More sources for meditation

Saying the Rosary is a source for meditation on the life of Jesus and Mary.

Walking a labyrinth has been a contemplative practice for centuries.

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How to meditate in silence

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Try to give yourself 20 minutes for Quiet Time.

Stand, sit or kneel or any combination—it doesn’t matter.

Start by asking the Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts.

Select a short passage from the Bible or other source that speaks to your spiritual need. Read a scene and determine what the scene tells you.

Read the passage silently. Read it again and mentally reflect on the words.

Ask yourself questions. Try to determine what changes are needed in your life. How will you make them? When should you start?

Ask God to help you answer these questions. Often there is no immediate answer. Be patient. He will not fail to get back to you.

End with words of love, praise and thanks for God’s love and mercy.

Keep your thoughts and decisions in a journal for future review.

At times it may be hard to meditate. Your mind wanders and is easily distracted. But don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from meeting with your God.

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