Visualization prayer

Visualization prayer is a shorter form of contemplative prayer.Form a picture of Jesus in your mind and focus on His being with you. (The reality is that Jesus is always with you.)

Talk to Jesus as you would to your best friend. Tell Him what really troubles you. Ask for His advice and help.

Express your regret for all those times you did not follow Him. Ask for His forgiveness. Then trust that Jesus will help you.

End with words of praise and thanks and love.

jesus christ the shepherd with lambs

If you want God's forgiveness, then the image could be Jesus the good shepherd, who searches for his sheep that are lost.

Catholic Meditation: 7 Powerful Ways to Pray is available here

For a sick person

Imagine Jesus standing beside you and blessing you.

Begin by talking to Jesus. Tell Him all your worries, including your deepest fears. Don't hold anything back. Jesus comes as a healer not as a judge.

With confidence in His promises, ask Jesus to help you. Express your love and trust in Jesus and thank Him for His past kindness.

Be still and rest in the knowledge that Jesus loves you and is with you.

This prayer gives a sick person the strength to face their fears and sufferings.

Using this type of prayer can bring about a feeling of calm and an inner peace.

For a worried person

Imagine yourself walking with Jesus, firmly holding his hand. The day is sunny, the air is fresh, and the birds are singing.

Jesus wants to know why you are worried. He tells you that he loves you and wants you to trust him.

You turn to Jesus and tell him... (you finish the story).

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