A spiritual checklist

Use this spiritual checklist as a way of coming closer to Jesus

A personal checklist

  • Have you recently thanked Jesus for all that He has done for you?  
  • Do you regularly say your morning and night prayers?      
    Do you say a prayer of thanksgiving (Grace) before your meals?  
  • Do you turn to Jesus in prayer when you are troubled or depressed?                        
    Do you pray for friends and others who have problems?             

  • If a person is having difficulties, do you encourage them to pray?        
  • When you visit a sick person, do you say a prayer with them? 

  • Do you read the Bible or pray the Rosary regularly?                                                       
  • Do you honor God publicly by going to church on Sunday?                    
  • Have you recently helped a stranger?       
  • Does Jesus Christ occupy the number one place in your life? 

  • A spiritual daybook can bring you closer to Jesus

    A family checklist

  • Do you have a Sacred Heart picture or a crucifix in your home?
  • Do you go to Mass and receive the sacraments with your family?
  • Do you encourage family members to do acts of kindness?
  • Do you donate to church charities to help others?
  • Do you pray for your family members?

  • Does Jesus Christ occupy the number one place in your home?

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