Catholic saints can inspire us


Catholic saints have shown a deep love for God by their lives while on earth. Saints are found in every walk of life. A person can turn from a life of sin and become a saint. Mother Theresa, echoing the message of Jesus, stated that all of us are called to be saints.

People often find it easy to identify with the earthly life and struggles of a particular saint, and to ask that saint for help. The saint  can bring you closer to Jesus. Prayers to saints then become prayers to Jesus.

Find a saint with whom you can identify. Then strive to imitate their Christ-like virtues.

The saint of the day

Father Les Costello gave up a hockey career to become a parish priest. He imitated Blessed Martin de Poires, who was known for his great love for the poor.

Father Les drove an old truck, which he used to collect and deliver appliances and furniture to families in need. He never asked their religion or whether they attended church. With a sense of humor and a compassion for people with problems, he made everyone feel special. At his funeral, so many people wanted to show their love and respect that the funeral mass had to be held in the hockey arena. 

By imitating Christ, and with his help, you can make Jesus real to a doubting world.

  • Read the lives of different catholic saints
  • See how the saints handled disappointments, suffering, rejection and temptations
  • Choose a saint to be your friend and role model...

  • Saints andMartyrs
    Asking the saints to pray for us
    Litany of the saints
    Prayers to the saints
    More prayers to the saints
    Your patron saint

    Saints have much to teach us

  • They show us how to successfully struggle against difficulties and discouragements

  • They show us that it is possible to live a holy life

    No matter how hard it is, don't give up trying to grow closer to Jesus.

    Favorite saints

    St Joseph
    Saint Therese--The Little Flower
    St Theresa of Avila
    St Francis
    Saint Anthony of Padua
    St Christopher
    Saint Michael

    Recent beatifications and canonizations

    Canonization has three steps:

    • First is the declaration of a person’s virtues... and the title Venerable
    • Second is beatification, after which they are called Blessed
    • Third is canonization... or declaration of sainthood.

    Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
    Saint Brother Andre
    Saint Mary MacKillop
    Blessed John Henry Newman

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