To become a saint

mother teresa

To become a saint, you don't need to do big things...
but little things well.
(Blessed Mother Teresa)

We are called on to be saints!

Here are some hidden saints

  • A single mother, who struggles to raise her children in a way pleasing to God
  • A person, who is confined to a bed or wheelchair, and continues to love and trust Jesus
  • A person who keeps God's commandments and refuses to follow the crowd

On Judgment Day they will no longer be hidden.

To draw closer to Jesus

  • Love God and give Jesus first place in your life.

  • Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

  • Make time for daily prayer and the rosary.

  • Receive the Blessed Sacrament as frequently as possible.

  • Do whatever you can to help those in need.

  • Preach Jesus Christ by word and by the way you treat others.

  • Form a devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

  • Trust God always. Don't give up when life disappoints you.

  • Reflect joy from knowing Jesus loves you.

  • Practice a constant awareness of God's presence.

Your life will not be problem-free. But if you seek Jesus with all your heart,

He will be there to strengthen and guide you.

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