Christian meditation

The Way of Saint Theresa of Avila

Here is a widely-used form of Christian meditation.

st theresa of avila st teresa of jesus

Saint Theresa would visualize herself in the presence of Jesus

She would ask Jesus to come into her heart and help her learn from His word.

Saint Theresa would select a short passage from the life of Jesus... one that spoke to her inner need.

She would read aloud for two to five minutes. Then she would reflect on what the text was saying and what was happening here, using her imagination to view the scene.

She might read particular words or sentences again. She would ask herself and the Lord questions about what she had just read.

She tried to recognize what God wanted her to do and what steps she needed to take.

Saint Theresa would end with words of praise and love for Jesus.

Here is an example of her method

Read the parable of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18:21).

Ask yourself

What does this scene tell me? How do I act in a similar situation? Are there changes that I need to make? When and how will I begin?

Talk to Jesus

Jesus, what do You want me to learn from this scene? What is the main message for me? Help me to learn from Your teachings.

Listen to Christ’s voice

God usually speaks to us by placing thoughts and feelings into our minds and hearts. He changes the way we see people and problems. If you listen, He will let you know what you are to do.

Use of a journal to record your thoughts and decisions is highly recommended.

End with words of your own, such as

I love you Lord Jesus. Give me the wisdom and strength to follow Your teachings.

During the day, think about what you learned from your meditation.

Here is a link to the Bible (NABRE).

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