Life is not easy

Life is not easy. Prayer can help.

How do you handle your problems?

Some people worry... or blame others... or get angry. Others might use alcohol or drugs. These do not solve any problems. But prayer can help.

Do you expect possessions to make you happy?

My friend Fred had to have the newest and best. His credit card debt cost him two failed marriages. Having a lot of things doesn't guarantee happiness. But prayer and leading a good life does.

Are you troubled by past mistakes?

Is there guilt for what you did or failed to do... for broken relationships, for missed opportunities, for things done or words said that can't be changed. Never mind what might have been... you can't go back but you can still find peace. Prayer can help.
Do you struggle with an addiction?

You know you are hurting yourself, but you don't have the strength to quit. Prayer can help.

Jesus wants you to be healed. He will help you to change.... if you ask Him. Say something like, "Jesus, please come into my heart and heal me.” Repeat these words and believe strongly that a partnership with Jesus will help you.

God loves you. If He seems far away, please realize that being close to Jesus requires time and effort on your part. Prayer can help.

Are you in a dark place?

Do you suffer from a mental condition such as a obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, or depression? Do you ask, “God, why me?”

You may be hurt and angry at the way others treat you, including family members, health care professionals and clergy. They don’t understand what it is like!

“This experience can be a grace experience. Our childhood relationship with God crumbles, but we can find Him anew, as an adult on a much deeper level, in a more profound way.” (Sister Kathryn Hermes, who suffered from a bipolar disorder)

To find Jesus at this deeper level...

  • Spend Quiet Time with Jesus and tell Him how you feel
  • Ask Him to help you ... one day at a time
  • Also ask Jesus to help others who suffer from these problems
  • Practice devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Find strength by saying the Rosary each day
  • Attend Mass and receive the Eucharist when possible

If you are depressed, hold a crucifix and study the man dying on the Cross. His love for you and other people is the reason He suffered. Will you pray... will you walk with Jesus?

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