A Catholic funeral

Family and loved ones should be aware of the following key aspects of the funeral and burial for a person who is Catholic:

A wake or prayer service may be offered for the deceased and for the bereaved, preferably in the Church. It is usually the afternoon or evening before the funeral.

A eulogy is not part of the funeral Mass. Seek the direction of the officiating priest if a eulogy is desired.

If there is to be a eulogy (words of remembrance), it can take place at the conclusion of the wake or prayer service or at a gathering following the funeral and burial.

An alternative to a eulogy is a souvenir leaflet with details of the deceased’s life and achievements.

Mass Intentions

During the Mass, there can be an addition to the prayers to recall specific individuals who have died. The priest can insert this passage:

Remember your servant (name), whom you have called from this world to yourself. Grant that he who was united with your Son in a death like his, may also be one with him in his Resurrection.

It is a good thing to pray for those who have died. To have a Mass offered--and a card sent that this is being done on your behalf--shows you care.

To have an intention associated with the Eucharist, you can visit the parish office and make a request. You then have the opportunity to make a small donation, and receive a mass card.

A date can be set for the intention, thus allowing people to come and attend. For example, if a particular mass intention is for the repose of someone’s soul, members of the family or friends might want to attend. Having a pre-set date allows for this spiritual opportunity to take place.

The Funeral Mass

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