Prayer to St Joseph

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St. Joseph is the patron of the dying because he died with Jesus and Mary close to him... the way we all would like to leave this earth.
Here is a favorite prayer to Saint Joseph:

O Blessed Joseph,
you gave your last breath
in the loving embrace of Jesus and Mary.
When the seal of death shall close my life,
come with Jesus and Mary to aid me.

Obtain for me this solace for that hour,
to die with their holy arms around me.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
I commend my soul,
living and dying,
into your sacred arms.

chapel of st joseph

A time to leave

For every person there is a time to leave... a time when Jesus calls you home. Try to stay close to Jesus... He has promised to be with you at the hour of your death.

Death is simply a transition from the temporary life of the body to the eternal life of the soul.

Suggestions to help a dying person

Here are a few suggestions for helping a dying relative or close friend. Note: Always respect their wishes.

  • Contact the parish priest... or a chaplain at the hospital office... and ask them to visit the sick person

  • Recite the rosary or other prayers with the people present
  • If the dying person is unable to pray, it is reassuring if you hold the sick person's hand. Then say the prayer to Saint Joseph (above).

You can whisper these prayers to them...

  • O Lord Jesus Christ, receive my spirit.
  • Holy Mary, pray for me. Holy Mary, Mother of grace, Mother of mercy, receive me at the hour of death.
  • Saint Joseph, pray for me.

The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear?
The Lord is my life’s refuge, of whom shall I be afraid?
One thing I ask of the Lord: this I seek; To dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.

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