Follow Christ

God's plan is for you to follow Christ

Do you follow Christ?

Have you asked yourself this question...

"What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet loses his immortal soul?" (Mark 8:36)

Unfortunately many never ask. Or they are not willing to follow Christ. They are deaf to Christ's promises to all who hear His word and keep it...

  • forgiveness of their sins
  • blessings on them and their families
  • help with all their problems
  • the promise of a wonderful eternal life with Him after they die.

Rejecting Him saddens Jesus deeply.

To follow Christ, God wants you to

  • speak about Christ to those who don't know Him

  • reflect Christ's love to those who need His love

You will preach Christ by the way you treat other people. You will make Christ real to a doubting world.

When you follow Christ, people will see the Peace of Christ in your life, and they will think about their own lives. Many will want what you have. Others will have their faith strengthened.

To experience a deep love for Jesus, there can be no conditions. You must journey on the road Jesus has planned for you... just as He journeyed on the road to His crucifixion and death.

Let your love for Jesus be the reason for all that you do.

Trust the Lord

God’s plan for you might lead you down a difficult path — one that you would rather not take.

You might have serious health or financial problems. There could be troubles with family members.

But God will be with you and He won’t give you a cross that, together, you can’t handle.

Continue to trust God and to believe that He is with you at every step of your journey.

Hold fast to Christ’s promise of your resurrection and future life with Him, and there will be peace in your heart.

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To carry out God’s plan

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life
  • Ask Mary how you can please her Son
  • Ask your favorite saint to help you

You don’t know how God is going to use you, so in Quiet Time ask Jesus, “Show me what you want me to do, Lord, and I will do it.”

You might add, “But I will need your help.”

Your life can make a difference... not only in the lives of your family and friends, but in the lives of people you don't know. This is your gift to Jesus.

Christ expects you to take time to minister to others:

  • You might take part in a prayer group, an RCIA program, or join the St. Vincent de Paul Society or the Knights of Columbus.

  • Parish churches often need volunteers... choir members, food bank workers, committee members, religion teachers, altar decorators, and ushers and greeters. There is probably a job you could do. Inquire! This is an opportunity to meet new friends and grow closer to Jesus.
  • If you can’t participate directly, then you can pray for people having problems.

In ministering to others, the size of the task doesn’t matter; how you do it, does. Your kindness to other people makes Jesus present in their lives

Work with Jesus. Take no credit, but give Him all praise and honor. And each day you will walk with the Lord, and you will grow in holiness.

Here is a spiritual checklist to help you walk with the Lord.

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