Let the power of Catholic prayers help you

"You can't explain it, you must experience prayer."
(Mother Teresa)

Welcome to comeaside.com. When you are faced with problems and need Jesus Christ to help you… this site has prayers and devotions and a way to pray the rosary with people around the world. 

Ask Jesus to help you

Jesus is your best friend. He can help you with areas of life you may be struggling with... if you ask Him.

Comeaside shows you ways to spend quiet time with Jesus.

There are prayers to help you handle loneliness and depression, strengthen relationships, and deal with illness and other personal problems.

You will find the Devotion to the Sacred Heart--with the Promises of Jesus.

There are also links to online prayer and Bible sites to bring you closer to Jesus.

Jesus loves you no matter what has happened to you. 

  • When you need help, ask Him. 
  • Jesus will heal your hurts, if you ask Him.
  • Jesus will calm your fears, if you ask Him. 
  • Jesus will forgive your sins, if you ask Him. 
  • Jesus will show you the way, if you ask Him. 
  • Just ask Him.

A recent study with 9,000 participants, by the London School of Economics and Erasmus University Medical Center, found that the secret to sustained happiness is participation in religion.

"The church appears to play a very important social role in keeping depression at bay and also as a coping mechanism during periods of illness in later life."

Most people, and I include myself, take years to realize that prayer and love for Jesus is the way to happiness.

Build your relationship with Jesus. Talk to Him every day in prayer. Try to attend your local Catholic church, where God’s people meet Jesus in word and sacrament.