Help me Jesus

Say the prayer “Help me Jesus” when you have any of these worries:

I am sick and need an operation, which scares me.
I have an addiction and things are getting worse.
I find it sad to be old and to live in a nursing home.

I am single and worry that I won’t find a partner.
I lost my job and have been unable to find another.
I have a son who does drugs and gets in trouble.

I have cancer and worry the pain will get worse.
I have done bad things and I need forgiveness.
I am on a fixed income and have very little money.

I am in a troubled relationship and feel alone.
I have helped others, now they won’t help me.
I did so much for my children, now they forget me.

Help me Jesus prayer

In every need
let me come to You with humble trust saying
Help me Jesus
In all my doubts and temptations
Help me Jesus
In hours of loneliness
Help me Jesus
In the failure of my plans and hopes
Help me Jesus
In disappointments, troubles and sorrows
Help me Jesus

When I feel impatient and my cross is heavy
Help me Jesus
When I am ill, and my head and hands cannot do their work
Help me Jesus

Always, in joys or sorrows
Help me Jesus and never forsake me

At any time or place, you can ask Jesus to help you. No phone or e-mail is needed, just a prayer.

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