Saint Jude

Recently I misplaced $100 somewhere in my house. Since I am on a small pension, this is a large amount of money. What made finding the money more difficult was my habit of hiding money in case someone broke into my house.

I looked and looked for a week without finding the money. As a result I became angry at myself and very depressed. Then I remembered how my mother used to pray to Saint Jude for help in hopeless situations.

I didn't really believe prayer to St.Jude or any other saint could help me find the lost money. But I needed the money and what harm could it do. So I prayed.

An hour later I was taking old papers to the garbage room and out of the corner of my eye I saw a enveloppe with money sticking out.

Hardly believing my eyes I grabbed the envelope and there were the five $20 bills that were lost. You can expain it many different ways, but I believe Saint Jude, the patron saint of hopeless cases helped me.

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