Christ the hiding-place

The birds have their nests and the foxes their holes. But you were homeless, Lord Jesus, with nowhere to rest your head. And yet you were a hiding-place where the sinner could flee. Today you are still such a hiding-place, and I flee to you. I hide myself under your wings, and your wings cover the multitude of my sins.

Covering our sins

Your love covers the multitude of my sins. So when I am fully aware of my sin, when before the justice of heaven only wrath is pronounced upon me, then you are the only person to whom I can escape.

If I try to cover myself against the guilt of sin and the wrath of heaven, I will be driven to madness and despair. But if I rely on you to cover my sins, I shall find peace and joy.

You suffered and died on the cross to shelter us from our guilt, and take upon yourself the wrath that we deserve. Let me rest under you, and may you transform me into your likeness.

(Soren Kierkegaard)

Prayer to do good and avoid evil

O My God,
I give myself to you,
with all my liberty,
all my intellect, heart and will.

O Holy Spirit of God,
take me as your disciple:
guide me, illuminate me, sanctify me.
Bind my hands, that I may not do evil,
Cover my eyes that I may see it no more,
Sanctify my heart that evil may not rest within me.

Be my God and my guide.
Wherever you lead me I will go;
Whatever you forbid I will renounce,
And whatever you command,
In your strength I will do.

(Cardinal Manning)

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