Pray with open hands and an open heart

hands of jesus

From the writings of James Martin S.J.

Open hands show that God is in control. An open heart means that you love and trust Him.

  • When God looks at your hands He asks, "Can I take this?" “This” can be someone or something which you are very attached to, or maybe a fault or an addiction that you have.

  • You answer, "Yes Lord, that is why I am here with my hands open."

  • At other times God looks at your hands and asks, "Can I give you this?" “This” can be a job opportunity, or peace within your family, or a cross to carry.

  • You answer, "Yes Lord, I accept it."

open hands open heart

Let your love for Jesus be the reason for everything you do

The presence of God and His great love for us makes our prayers an encounter far greater than anything else that we experience.

When you pray, be patient with God. Open your heart and hands to Him and wait for Him. Our prayers should not be manipulative... "If you do this for me, I will do that for you."

To pray is to say without fear,
"Your kingdom come, Your will be done dear Jesus."

You have to wait. God always knows what is best. We seldom do.

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