Prayer beads can help you pray

If you don't have a rosary (prayer beads) 

you can find them at a Catholic goods store or online.

If you have a serious worry like the ones listed below
your rosary.

I lost my job and have been unable to find another.

  • I am in debt and can’t pay my credit card bills.
  • I have cancer and worry that the pain will get worse.

    I am sick and need an operation, which scares me.

  • I have an addiction and things are getting worse.
  • I have helped others, now they won’t help me.

  • I have hurt others and I need forgiveness.
  • I am single and worry that I won’t find a partner.

    I have a spouse who drinks and neglects the family.

    I have a teenager who is in trouble.

  • I am a student having trouble passing my exams.
  • I find it hard to be old and to live in a nursing home.

  • I did so much for my children, now they ignore me.

  • Say the rosary for the strength you need to handle your problems.

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