Find that special person

How do you find that special person — someone with the same Christian values?

Meet more people

  • Let family and friends know that you are interested in meeting someone
  • Join a church group or enroll in an educational or personal interest course
  • Get involved in sports activities, or charity-sponsored runs or walks
  • Another way is to use an online introduction service... like Catholic Match

In your efforts to meet a person with shared values, don't forget to pray for God's guidance.

Tell Jesus what your heart is feeling. Ask Him to help you find that special person... one with whom you can share your life and your love of Christ.

Trust Him to answer your prayers in a way that is best for you.

If you don't meet a Catholic, but you do meet someone who is a good human being, then ask the Lord for guidance. The Lord has a special love for people of good will. Often He is waiting to shower blessings on such a person. Usually the success of the relationship will depend on your good example.

Seek advice

Before making a commitment, welcome the advice of family and close friends. Often they can spot problems, which a person in love might blindly miss.

Sometimes a person marries because they feel sorry for the other person. Sometimes a person is pressured into marrying by the other person, or by family members. These marriages seldom work out.

Should couples try living together before getting married? No! You will not please God or find happiness by disobeying His sixth commandment.

Marriage is your best hope for finding love and commitment.

If there is a possibility of a serious relationship

Make sure you know the person's background. If you have doubts, don't rush things. Often, time reveals much.

The Church offers you a marriage preparation course

My sister and her fiance attended a marriage preparation course. By the second session, they both knew it wouldn't work and marriage preparations were cancelled. The course had prevented much future unhappiness.

Couples who have taken the course say that it has been a "wonderful experience" and a "great help" in making their marriage a success.

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