The Lord your God is with you

Where are you with the Lord?

Saint Augustine said, "God created me without my willingness, but He won't sanctify me without my wanting it." 

In the Parable of the Good Shepherd, Christ leaves the 99 saved to care for the one who is lost.

Jesus places a priceless value on each person's soul. What value do you place on staying close to Jesus?

A ten-minute examination of your daily actions--are they pleasing to God or not?--would provide an answer. You are a child of God and He expects you to  pray and stay close to Him each day. Is this unreasonable?

Shepherd me, O God, and keep me safe. I trust in your loving care for me. Amen

The practice of Examen can greatly contribute to your happiness. Looking at my earlier years, I can see so many things I should have done differently and with happier results. But there is no going back.

My prayer

Many readers of this site, including the writer, have decisions to make. We need to get our life in better order and to renew our love for Jesus. It is my prayer that practicing Examen will bring us closer to the Lord and Savior and bless us with sustained happiness

Are you searching for the Lord?

"Searching" is a strong word. It suggests a degree of urgency, a serious need to look deeper, and it hints of a treasure to be found.

Many people have experienced the mercy and help of Jesus. They know Jesus told us that we need to seek in order to find and to ask in order to receive.

We need to regularly examine our prayer life. It is very easy to skip daily prayers and devotions. I have done it too many times... a daily prayer plan can help.

5 steps for finding Jesus                                             

  1. To know Jesus more deeply, read the Bible
  2. To follow Jesus more closely, pray each day
  3. To love Jesus more dearly, be kind to others
  4. To please Jesus, forgive those who hurt you
  5. To share Jesus, tell others of His love for them                     

To draw closer to Jesus

You might take part in a prayer group, an RCIA program, or join the St. Vincent de Paul Society or the Knights of Columbus.

Parish churches need volunteers... choir members, food bank workers, committee members, religion teachers, altar decorators, and ushers and greeters.

There is probably a job you can do. Don't wait to be asked. Inquire! This is an opportunity to meet new friends and grow closer to Jesus.

If you can’t participate directly, then you can pray for people having problems.

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