Types of prayer

Here are some widely-used types of prayer:

  • Prayers of Praise for the beauty and wonder of God's creation.

  • Prayers of Thanksgiving for what God has done for you.

  • Prayers of Love for the mercy He has shown to you.

  • Prayers of Sorrow for the things you did, but should not have done. And for the things that you failed to do.

You don't need to say a lot of words or even use a book. Just let your words flow naturally. Your prayers can be said anywhere and at any time. Jesus is just that close to you.

  • Remember to pray for others... the sick and the dying, those looking for work, those with family or financial problems, those who don’t know Jesus and those who have lost their way. This is a Prayer of Request or Prayer of Petition.

Each week pray for God's blessing for a special group.
For example:

  • priests and religious
  • married and separated people
  • children and young people
  • unemployed people
  • people with financial problems
  • people who are sick or in hospital
  • people in our armed forces
  • people without Jesus in their life

What should you ask?

If we could ask God for only one thing, what should it be?

Saint Theresa said we should ask to love God more than all other creatures and things.

...more than all the pleasures and good times of this world.

This means we are to ask God for the grace to become holy... to keep His holy commandments.

When you pray, your mind might wander. Talk out loud if it helps you.

Some people like to keep a journal of their conversations with Jesus.

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