A way to pray for help

Here is a way to pray that works


  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed
  • Stand, sit or kneel; it doesn't matter
  • Relax your body by listening to your breathing

Get started

  • Bless yourself with the Sign of the Cross... you are now in the presence of Jesus
  • Pray: "Jesus, I praise You for your Greatness, I thank You for all your help and I love You above all else"

Tell Jesus your problem

  • Say, "Jesus please help me," and get to your problem
  • Don't hold anything back... Jesus comes as a healer, not as a judge

Trust Jesus to answer your prayer

  • Leave the problem with Jesus... He loves you and He will help you
  • He will answer in a way and at a time that is best for you
  • Say the Our Father... the words will strengthen your faith in God's power to help you
  • Be at peace in the presence of your Lord

Close your prayer

  • Say a prayer for other people with problems
  • Be thankful... Jesus is Lord and He has promised to help you
  • End with, "Jesus I love you. Thank you for helping me."

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