Daily prayer

Daily prayer can be a reflection...


Reflect on any one of the following...
and make any needed life changes

Do you take a few minutes in the morning and evening to pray?

  • Friends find the time to be together. Jesus wants to be your closest friend.

Do you receive the Eucharist on Sundays and occasionally on week days?

  • The Sacrifice of the Mass is the highest form of worship of Jesus Christ.

The Mother of Jesus promised many blessings if you say the rosary daily.

  • You need these blessings to be close to Jesus and to make good decisions.

For a happy marriage, stay close to Jesus Christ and His Church.

  • Do you pray together, say Grace before meals and read the Bible?

Has someone treated you or your family badly and are you still angry?

  • Let go of your hurt. Do it to please Jesus.

Are you so busy pleasing others that you neglect family members and Jesus?

  • Occasionally re-balance how you spend your time, emotions and money.

Do you know a person with few friends and many problems? Perhaps they have left their family--including the Church.

  • Pray for them and encourage them to "Come Home" and work out their problems.

Are alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography damaging your life?

  • The rosary, Sacred Heart devotion, the Bible and the AA program can be your weapons.

Have you ever offered to help at your parish?

  • People can grow as persons by volunteering their time to help others.

Have you ever offered to share your faith, or are you afraid to ask?

  • Tell others how Jesus helps you and invite them to attend an RCIA meeting with you.

Do you want to have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ?

  • Join a prayer group, a church choir, the RCIA, Saint Vincent or the Knights of Columbus.

Do you want the Lord's guidance throughout your day? Say these short prayers at different times during your day:

  • "Jesus I love you."
  • "Thank you Jesus for helping me!"
  • "All glory and praise to you dear Jesus!"
These prayers welcome Jesus into your daily life.

Have you ever thought that you might be called to serve Jesus and His Church?

  • Why not try it out? Don't be afraid... Jesus will be with you.

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