When bad things happen

When bad things happen, it is natural to ask, “God, why did this have to happen?”

Many times we have no answers… because we don’t know the mind of God. We don’t know why He allows certain things to happen.

Why innocent people suffer

The Book of Job discusses this in the Old Testament. God cares about people who suffer troubles. And God will help them, although sometimes they must be patient.

Job was a good man but he lost all his possessions. His children died. Job became so ill that he wanted to die. But Job refused to blame God.

His response was, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes, and the Lord has taken away. May the name of the Lord be praised.”

Job was finally rewarded by God for his faithfulness.


"The way of Jesus is the way of the Cross." Pope John Paul II

The Way of the Cross Leads to God

He carried the cross to Calvary
Carried its burden for you and me
There on the cross He was crucified
And, because He suffered and bled and died,
We know that whatever "OUR CROSS" may be,
It leads to GOD and ETERNITY.....

(Helen Steiner Rice)

When bad things happen to you... continue to trust Jesus

When bad things happen to you, focus more on Jesus and the bad things that happened to Him. Then it is easier for you to accept your cross and follow Him.

Your sufferings can bring you closer to Jesus, the Man of Sorrows.

No matter what you are going through, God is in control. Pray and He will not leave you to face your problems alone.

When you feel empty and can't praise God, this is the time you need to praise Him. This is the time when your trust in God is being tested.

Continue to trust Jesus

Jesus is the One who suffered and died for us. So He is our best friend, who wants to help us.

You might say one of the following:

"Jesus I know you love me and always want the best for me. I accept whatever you plan for my life."

“Jesus, I don't understand why you allowed this to happen to me. But I do believe that everything happens for a reason. And I love and trust you completely.”

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