The path to happiness

path through life

Life is a difficult journey. We need a path to happiness.

Commit your life to Christ

When you commit your life to Christ it is not a one-time decision. Each day is a decision to love Him and to follow Him.

If you have never known Jesus, if your relationship with Him has grown cold or if you have seriously messed up your life, then start here:

Prayer of Surrender
Jesus I am sorry for the many times I have offended You. I now turn away from my sins and turn to You. Please come into my heart and be the Lord of my life. I recognize You as my Lord and Savior. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus.

Remove the obstacles to a closer union with Jesus

After you have identified the roadblock, take steps to get rid of it. This can be a life-long process. The forces that try to separate us from Jesus never completely go away until we die.

Suggestion: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome the roadblocks to a closer union with Jesus. Figure out the attitudes or situations that cause problems. Avoid them. Stop giving in to them.

Read the Bible every day

The Bible is the richest source for our meditations. Read a page daily and reflect on the words. It will have a positive effect on the way you think and act.

Suggestion: Memorize passages that have special meaning for you. They will help you get through difficult times on the path to happiness.

Use a prayer plan

It will help you pray regularly.

Be aware of Christ’s presence — He is always with you

Be aware of God’s presence. In times of trouble remember that Jesus is very near. “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you” (ICor. 3: 13).

Suggestion: Talk to Jesus during the day. Praise and thank Him and express your love. When you know Christ is always present, it can change what you say and do.

Reach out to others

Love is a paradox. The more you give away, the more that comes back to you. The more you hoard, the less you have. Finding Jesus in other people is not always easy, but then we ourselves are not always lovable. “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jesus Christ).

donation box

Suggestion: Give time to help people in need. Share your faith with others. Help others by your prayers, financial help and words of encouragement. Let your job title be “Servant of Jesus Christ.”

Be thankful that you have Christ in your life

Be thankful that God loves you. Give thanks to Jesus Christ, Who gave His life to free us from our sins. Although we cannot see the road ahead, the Lord is our Shepherd and there is nothing for us to fear.

Suggestion: Give thanks for having Jesus in your life and for all He has done for you. Thank the Holy Spirit for the faith that is in you. A strong faith drives out worry and fear. Give thanks for the gray days as well as the sunny days. To everything there is a purpose.

Acknowledge God publicly by going to church

We have an obligation to come together to publicly honor God, to acknowledge His Goodness and to ask for His help.

Suggestion: Join a church group. You will meet people who can help you on your path to happiness. Receive the Eucharist, Christ’s Body and Blood, as often as possible.

Be happy — Christ is in you and you are in Christ

Following Christ is the path to happiness. How can you be unhappy if you truly believe that Jesus loves you and is always with you?

Suggestion: Reflect on God’s great love for you. Memorize Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Trust God in good times as well as bad times. Whatever happens, let your heart say The Lord has given, the Lord has taken away. Praise the Lord.

In your daily practice of Quiet Time, include consecration to the Sacred Heart and prayers to the Mother of Jesus. Saying the rosary brings you closer to her Son Jesus.

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