12 steps you will never regret

Many addicts reach a desperation point where they may be ready to try a 12 steps program. Here is the story of Alcoholics Anonymous 1932 - 1971.

The AA Steps are here. But here below, you can have Jesus Christ lead you through the steps.

If you are really determined and are willing to do whatever it takes, then His mighty power can free you:

  1. Admit that you are powerless over your addiction and that you need God’s help.
    A good start would be to get down on your knees and confess your desperation to Jesus.
  2. Believe strongly that Jesus can deliver you from your addiction.
    “I can do all things in Him Who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).
  3. Turn your will and your life over to the care of Jesus.
    “Jesus I surrender my life to you. Please free me from my addiction. Jesus, I will praise and thank you all the days of my life.”
  4. Take an honest look at your life.
    Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discover the causes of your addiction.
  5. Confess to Jesus, to yourself and to another person the nature of your wrongs.
    The sacrament of Reconciliation, where Jesus acts through a priest, is a supportive way to confess your faults.
  6. Humbly ask Jesus to remove your character defects.
    Do any of the following hinder your recovery... anger, impatience, blaming others, or self-pity? Is more self-discipline needed? Ask Jesus to help you change.
  7. Make direct amends if possible.
    Apologize to those you have harmed. It will take time and effort to regain their trust.
  8. Continue to take personal inventory in your Quiet Time.
    When wrong, promptly admit it. Remember, Jesus calls you to personal holiness.
  9. Use prayer and meditation to improve your contact with Jesus.
    An addict in recovery needs to pray for guidance and strength.
  10. Carry this message to other addicts.
    Tell them how Jesus has helped you and that He can help them.
  11. Say the Rosary and practice devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus each day.
  12. Receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist as often as possible.
    It is this close personal contact with Jesus that can change your life.

Stop and think... about addiction is a free downloadable booklet about addiction.

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