What is addictive behavior?

To explore the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, here is an excellent website.

Wende Wood, an expert on the subject, says:

the sign of addictive behavior is,
it interferes with a person's life — because all of their energy and attention is given to it.

Certain activities often cause a pleasure response,even a sense of excitement. The brain wants to continue with the activity, regardless of the problems that may result.

The person wants to continue chasing this high, despite possible negative consequences.

Gamblers believe the big win is just around the corner. Then they will quit. Meanwhile, every cent possible is needed so that they can continue to gamble. Even when they lose... their money, their home and their family.

Sam Waldner of Samuel Waldner Counselling and Addiction Services says:

the key characteristics of addiction are
a loss of control and a strong sense of denial.

Denial is a powerful factor

An addicted person has a strong belief that:

  • there is no real problem

  • next time the outcome from the same behavior will be different.

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