Overcome addiction

To overcome addiction is never easy. Staying clean may not happen on the first attempt or even after many attempts.

If you relapse

That's no reason to give up the struggle. With prayer and determination, you can still beat it.

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When you wonder what’s the use and want to give up trying, find a quiet place and repeat the name Jesus. God will hear your prayer and give you renewed determination.

You will experience a growing self-control and your life will become more manageable.

Give Jesus permission to change your life

If you do, you'll become aware of His presence in your daily life.

The strength to overcome... to change your life... increases when you pray the rosary and honor His Sacred Heart.

You may be broken, but you are still a much-loved child of God. As you continue to practice Quiet Time and the 12-step program, you'll know His Power is freeing you. The struggle to overcome addiction becomes so much easier.

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One day at a time

You always need to take one day at a time, but addiction no longer rules your life. You are free at last! What Jesus has done for others, He has now done for you. Thank you Lord.

Can your addiction return?

Yes. You must make a continual effort to stay close to Jesus and to avoid situations that could cause a relapse.

Don’t play with your addiction

If the recovering gambler goes to a casino and watches his friends on the slot machines, or if the sex addict goes to a massage parlor, asks the price and then walks out, or if the alcoholic goes to his favorite bar and only orders a ginger ale, eventually they will slip and their addiction will be reactivated.

For gambling, drug or alcohol addictions, total abstinence is needed — no single bet, fix, or alcoholic drink.

"The addict in the established stage is powerless over their addiction and must seek the help of a higher power."
(Dr. Patrick Carnes, pioneer in addiction research)

Fellowship and support can be found at AA and many other “Anonymous” groups. These support services are available through your local church or in your community. Or check your phone book.

You can join an Internet group for former substance abusers. Find new interests. Start to exercise--even walking. Don’t let anyone stop you from rebuilding your life and finding happiness. 

The one thing in life you can't afford is to feel sorry for yourself.
(Father Kerr, a blind priest)

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