Overcoming addiction

Overcoming addiction starts when you admit there is a problem

It takes a special person to admit mistakes and failures. Without this honesty, change is impossible.

"The addict in the established stage is powerless over their addiction and must seek the help of a higher power."
(Dr. Patrick Carnes, pioneer in addiction research)

Pray for the courage to be honest with yourself and with others.

Be willing to change your behavior

Many addicts can admit their problem, but are unwilling to quit. It would mean saying goodbye to certain friends and to deeply-rooted habits. Change is too painful for them.

Think of what your life would be like without your addiction.

Find a powerful reason to stop

You need a strong reason to change your behavior.

Ask Jesus for the strength you need.

Develop a plan

Try the 12-step program. Recovering addicts can strengthen their own recovery by helping other addicts stay clean. This would please Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Use a journal in your recovery

“A journal was what helped me, over time, to become honest with myself. If you keep dating the entries, you can soon see if you are keeping your promises or whether you are a person falling apart.” Anonymous

the sinner

Work with Jesus to get through your addiction. Aim for spiritual progress, not perfection. It gets easier to do with “clean time.”

When everyone has given up on you, go to Jesus.

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