Pornography addiction

Pornography addiction hurts your relationship with Jesus. Watching porn is a mortal sin that drives Jesus from our hearts.

If you get hooked on watching porn

  • It will take over your life and damage your future. George, a college student, failed his year. He spent too much time watching porn, instead of studying.
  • Porn can create a need for more dangerous sexual behavior. After watching sex videos, Bill had an overpowering compulsion to visit a prostitute. He risked getting a disease, being robbed or arrested.
  • It will destroy the love and trust between family members. Betty found her husband watching porn and divorced him. She told him that it was no different than adultery.
The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Internet Porn Addiction: This guide aims to build awareness of Internet porn addiction while giving people strategies to defeat this addiction.

To stop watching porn

  1. Say the Rosary each day. Mary has promised that saying the Rosary every day will overcome habitual sins of impurity.

  2. Receive Holy Communion at least once a week. If you commit a sin of impurity, go to confession as soon as possible.

  3. Let your love for Jesus keep you from pornography. Reflect on how Jesus has helped you and how much you love Him. When you are tempted to look at porn... don’t. Your Love for Jesus will stop you.

  4. Practise the Devotion to the Sacred Heart every day. Jesus will be in your heart and He will strengthen you.

    “The addict in the established stage is powerless over their addiction and must seek the help of a higher power."
    (Dr. Patrick Carnes, pioneer in addiction research)